Decorative Glass

Add a Tasteful Touch

What is Decorative Glass?

Types of Decorative Glass

Glassfab Tempering Services, Inc. manufactures ceramic fritted glass. Also known as Ceramic Frit or Ceramic Enamels. This is the tried and true process for the spandrel portion of a building. We have a complete range of standard colors and can color-match custom orders.

If your project calls for Silkscreen or Digital Printing, we fabricate that as well to meet all of your needs. Please see the following options below and how we can service you on your upcoming projects.

Glass WAlls


Spandrel Glass is the Panel(s) of glass or a “wall” positioned in between vision areas of windows or curtain walls.

These lites conceal structural columns and shear walls within a building. The correct application for spandrel glass is to be installed in an opening that has a uniformly colored insulation or a back-pan that eliminates read-through or viewing the glass in transmission.

When glazed correctly, spandrel glass may only be viewed from the exterior of the building causing daylight to reflect from the glass surface.

Glassfab Standard Colors: Black, Solar Grey, Lava Bronze, Solar Bronze, Harmony Solex, Ford Blue.

Aesthetic Functionality

Silk Screening

Glassfab manufactures silk-screened ceramic enamel frit products that offer building designers exciting and alternative ways to customize both interior glass and exterior glass, by using standard and custom screened patterns.

Not only does silk screened glass provide aesthetically pleasing properties, it is also used for bird safety and functionality.

Ceramic paint is applied directly to the glass surface in standard patterns or custom designs depending on the customer’s requirements.

The glass is then subjected to a heat treating process which permanently bonds the paint to the glass.


Dots , Lines & Custom Gradient

Glassfab offers a wide array of patterns for decorative purposes or bird-friendly pattern options.

Our standard patterns for bird-friendly glass is 1/8″ dots or lines which range in various coverage percentages.

We also offer custom gradient options that can change coverage percentages of the pattern on certain areas of the glass.

These patterns can enhance the thermal performance of the glass by blocking heat gain, particularly in glass used in overhead applications.

Wide varieties of standard and custom color frits and patterns can be presented upon request.

Imagery Reproduction

Digital Printing

Glassfab is proud to offer custom digital printing to our customers.

With our state of the art printing system, DipTech NEra D printer, we are able to keep up with one of the fastest growing trends in the industry, we can reproduce virtually any image or design on glass surfaces for eye catching interior and exterior spaces.

Digital Printing capabilities also include bird-friendly glass options, printed to provide birds with a visual reference to help prevent collisions and lower avian mortality, which is estimated to be greater than 100 million birds per year in North America.

High Precision

Photo-Realistic Images

Dip-Tech glass technology is a complete solution consisting of high-precision digital glass printers, long-lasting and vibrant ceramic inks, and easy-to-use image processing software.

Dip-Tech’s holistic product line enables long-lasting glass durability, specialized ink functionality and enhanced design capabilities.

Digital Printing can also improve sun control, light diffusion and light transmission to create beautiful, highly functional environments.

It is the perfect option for room dividers, wall cladding, handrails, doors, shower enclosures, back splashes, signage and more.


For all Digital Print orders, pricing may vary based on artwork and pattern received when ordering. Spandrel glass to be used in non-vision application. Glass may have inherent pinholes and is not a reason for rejection. Pricing may vary based on whether the color selected is a Standard Glassfab color or a Custom color. Please verify before ordering.